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Hi sucker :)

The suckers

Dirk Nelly Brill

Dirk Nelly Brill Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Songwriting, Lyrics, Programming

Hintergrundbild Although theeth may be cumbersum for his hobby (look at the picture), he's everything else, but a toothless musician.

Rüdgott zu Gööthoven

Rüdgott zu Gööthoven Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Songwriting, Lyrics, Programming

Hintergrundbild At the Sweeping Tap Djentlemen, he was The Shredator. Likes to play guitar with teeth, best with Nellys.

Coco Lorez

Coco Lorez Bass, Percussion, Drums

Hintergrundbild She played in the brasilian death-quechua-legend "The Durmels", until she met Rüdgott in a peyotetrip that went terribly wrong. After this, she settled to Europe, where since then she is his right hand.


Lamborettes Backingvocals

Hintergrundbild Once in a clear fullmoonnight, Nelly found the Lamborettes in a swamp, where they tried to extinct their mange by a bath of mud and ethereal chants. Charmed by their naked, mudcovered bodies celestial chants, he took them with him.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Lyrics

Hintergrundbild Poet, author, scientist, freemason, lover and much more. Sometimes it's alleged, he was dead. This might be possible, as for a longer time, only his spirit appears. Although, he still seems to be quite alive.

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